A Penny Thought

“Diva Doxie” Penny … Goes Triking on Her Terms

Penny is one confused “Doxie”!  Do I Like Triking or Not?

Diva PennyWoof … Most days morning or evening, Mom and Dad get ready to go on those 3 wheel things, I think they call it recumbent trikes. Every time I hear the door open to the garage, I quickly crawl out from under my blanket and out of my cozy and warm bed rushing to the door. I sniff my way to those funny looking trikes and sniff all the way to the ceiling because I smell my “old” comfy bed that mom had Penny ready to ride


the audacity to cut up and put in this cage like thing that I hate but then I like it too because I go with them when they ride trikes. One of them lifts me up and put me in my riding room of steel and my nose goes crazy with all kind of smells. It is still warm so I start whimpering because I want dad to hurry up and get the AC going. I do not like the heat but then I do not like cold … I like just right. I also don’t much care for mom getting ahead of him on her trike. I like to be the lead dog with my nose up and my ears flapping and the wind rushing by me with a doggy smorgasbord of
smelling delight. For some reason or another when we ride by certain areas I start whimpering and whining because something bothers me there but I am not sure why. Dad gets annoyed with me and tells me to hush. Penny says “Doesn’t he know I am on to something here and he should listen to me and investigate what has got me in a tizzy?”  He always has an agenda; which is to keep on pedaling and pushing mom to her limits of exercise. The only time they stop is when we get to this special little park and they let me out to run my little “pickin” heart out. Boy howdy…it sure does that too, my heart races when I get to run my little legs fast…almost start hopping like a rabbit. I use to run beside them as they rode and I have been clocked going as fast as 15 miles per hour … can you believe that? Penny runningHowever my nose gets the best of me and I get a whiff of what is that …”Squirrel…Squirrel” … and off I go from tree to tree. Mom calls loudly at me when I get too close to the highway and I hear fear in her voice so I better listen.  So I begrudgingly leave my identified spot as she hollers again, “PENNY … COME … NOW!” I come, not really sure about that word called “NOW” … so ever slowly, because I keep smelling stuff and it grabs my attention … I just can’t help it, you know what I mean? She hollers again and I think she is getting mad now … I better move it. By the time she picks me up and is fussing at me, puts me back in my moving quarters, my tongue is hanging, and I am so tired.  IMG_6604I drop my head down on my little pillow perch and take a big sigh … boy howdy, wasn’t that fun and I am glad I don’t have to walk home.  Now, I am thinking, mmmm …. about my breakfast and cold water and wishing Dad would hurry up and get us home. I am feeling rumblings in my tummy now! We roll up to the house and mom puts me down. Oh, oh … there I go again, running and barking at that black cat twice my size next door, oh I got to pee now…mmmm… that’s good, oh, oh, she  is calling me again, got to go now. I am so hungry. My, my, my …  I do have a good life! I definitely get into this “Diva” and “Queeny” lifestyle I have, bet you are jealous … huh?

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