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First Guest Blogger for Laidback Trikers


Hello Everyone,

Hey Recumbent Trikers. We would love to hear from you!

Louis and I are not retired yet and time allotted to writing blogs are not coming often enough.  We would love for anyone who has been riding recumbent trikes to share their story. Tell us about your trips, the funny things you might have seen, your journey to better health through triking, technical things you learned about your trike, or anything you think people would be interested in reading about. We want more folks out there to try out recumbent triking and to enhance their quality of life.

I want to introduce you to our new friends and guest blogger for Laidback Trikers, Glenn and Margaret Jacobsen. Their story is so much like many we have met.

Thank you Glenn and Margaret for sharing your story and we welcome more to come.

Laidback Trikers, Cindy and Louis Martini


By: Glenn Jacobsen

glenn-jacobsen-tadpole-pix-01My doctor advised me that besides losing weight (as if that was easy), I needed to exercise more. Easier said than done! With advancing age, artificial joints, heart disease, and arthritis, exercise is a challenge. “Okay” I  told myself, “no point in whining about my misspent youth; what can I do going forward?”  The only activities that I have ever enjoyed were water aerobics and cycling. Water aerobics was easy; My dear wife Margaret and I enrolled at the local gym, and we have tried to get to the pool 3 mornings per week.

A good beginning, but needing more, I dusted off my bicycle and tried to go for a ride. I soon discovered that I don’t have much balance anymore, and my butt and wrists hurt afterwards. I’ve reached the painful conclusion that at my age bicycling is no longer a viable activity, and is in fact downright dangerous to my health.

We’ve all noticed old people laboring along on adult tricycles. That doesn’t appeal to me because it doesn’t look like fun and is decidedly un-cool. I wasn’t about to give up, however, and went to the local bike shop and asked if there wasn’t something out there that was easier to ride and didn’t have geezer written all over it. They referred me to a bike shop called Dogwood Junction.

I drove out to this place one afternoon and, lo and behold, there was the answer; recumbent trikes, otherwise known as tadpoles! Ben Jones, the proprietor of the bike shop, let me ride one, and I was hooked. A few days later, I took my wife, who, God love her, humors me a lot, and she became instantly hooked as well. We decided then and there that we would get into what appears to be a fun activity as soon as we returned from our annual walkabout to Canada.

We are back from our journey now, and as soon as we have cleaned up our trailer and gotten back into a daily routine, we are heading out to Siloam Springs, Arkansas to visit Ben and buy a couple of those weird and wacky machines. We’ll keep everyone posted!

Aug 22      We’ve done it! After an extensive period of research, we’ve purchased two Terratrike Rovers with the NuVinci gear set and added the optional Patterson 45/28 crank sets. Ben Jones at Dogwood Junction in Siloam Springs was very helpful and made the purchase a pleasant experience. It is a pleasure deal with people as professional as he and his assistant Carolyn. Although I drooled over some of the shiny and sexy tadpole trikes on display, we stuck to our budget and are eagerly awaiting delivery (The Patterson crank sets are being shipped from Oregon) of these two machines.

While waiting to pick up our trikes, I am busy finding good homes for all the stuff stored in our cargo trailer so as to make room for our new toys. Seventy odds and ends moving boxes anyone? Cheap!

Aug 23       Getting ready for our tadpole trikes. There’re 40 odd miles of dedicated and paved recreation trails in Fayetteville and surrounding area. I’ve checked Google maps and it appears as though we can access these trails from our house. Can’t wait!

Aug 27     Our trikes are here – now the fun starts.tadpole-pix-03

Aug 29        We rode our tadpoles this morning only to discover how totally out of shape we’ve become. No water aerobics for the past few weeks has taken its toll. Climbing hills, even with our incredible granny gears, played us out. Going down the hills coming back was a blast, however. Obviously we must get in better shape.

Oct 01       The trike trek around Lake Fayetteville today was great. I’m glad our tadpoles have lots of gears.