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Just Around the Bend with Ben Jones

This blog is way overdue and I am so sorry for not documenting like I thought we would. We have been riding often with lots of our triking friends. I think we might better serve everyone if we just include a video on each blog. (I have great intentions) Today, I think I will add unedited video of our recent trip to TerraTrike RiderFest with Ben Jones, owner of Dogwood Junction Bikes and Trikes. There will be a few more videos you can see on our YouTube channel if you want to see the ride in Grand Rapids and the High Trestle Bridge.

Triking in 3 states in 3 days. Ben Jones, Matt & Sherri Hyde, and Louis & Cindy Martini triked in Grand Rapids Michigan, Madrid Iowa, and Kansas City Missouri.

We set out at 6:30 AM on Friday, July 28th, from Siloam Springs, Arkansas,  Ben drove his very comfy business 12 passenger van the whole trip. I entertained Ben the whole way to to keep him awake. Ben regailed us with stories of sights that he and Phil discovered  on their 1000 mile trike ride for charity from Siloam Springs to Grand Rapids earlier last year. He would point these out but none of the passengers could see them. Ben’s response would always be they were “just around the bend or corner”. This became the standard response when nothing was where we thought it would be. As we were whizzing through the beautiful farmlands of Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa, Matt was a veritable encyclopedia of information about agriculture. We coined the phrase “Ask Matt” when it came to anything technical or agricultural. The trip up to Grand Rapids took a grueling 20 hours. It wasn’t supposed to be that long but like always in life… stuff happens. The trailer that was being used to haul our 5 trikes experienced a bearing poblem. This took over 2 hours to repair. Then we got to experience the South side of Chicago during rush hour. We finally reached Grand Rapids at 1:30 AM.

After an oh-so-brief respite, we headed out to Johnson Park to take part in Terratrike’s RiderFest 2017. The weather was perfect! As usual, we got new t-shirts of the event to add to our collection which is always cool. We rode 20 miles on some of the awesome, picturesque trails  adding to our experiences of trail riding with over 120 of our trikking friends. We met people from everywhere even as far Florida. We enjoyed some wonderful, tasty barbecue for lunch. We participated in some challenging events such as the hill climb, water balloon jousting and trike judging. We got to see some of Terratrike’s new products as well.

We departed Grand Rapids at 3:00 PM and took a quick side trip to South Haven, Michigan – to the shore of Lake Michigan, the Lighthouse and of all things a beach. Cindy put her feet in the very cold water.

The lighthouse sits at the West End of the South Pier at the Mouth of the Black River in South Haven, Michigan.

We got some awesome pictures. We then headed off to Iowa to the High Trestle Bridge. At our dinner and gas break we experienced a harrowing moment- the van keys got locked inside the van. After we paid for the $ 100.00 magic show of the locksmith we headed on to Madrid hoping to get there before midnight when the lights were turned off.

High Trestle Trail is a rail trail running 25 miles from Ankeny, Iowa, to Woodward, Iowa.

We arrived there around 11:00ish PM on Saturday night. It was all about the lighted Bridge at night experience. When we rode, we all were ? exhausted but didn’t want to miss the experience at night so that was about a mile ride under the lights and back. We put the trikes back into the trailer and picked up two more passengers who did not have lights and their bikes and dropped them off in Ankeny. Louis entertained them and the rest of us tried to keep from falling asleep … so tired. We drove 30 more minutes to our hotel. The High Tressel bridge was absolutely unequivably awesome!!!!!

Next day, Sunday, July 30th around 10:00ish we decided not to ride the trail by the bridge but to go to Kansas City-Ben’s old stomping ground-and ride downtown. Our plans were quite flexible.  Again, more awesome pictures, We rode our trikes around the WWI Memorial Park and saw some really old, cool cars in the park. We also visited Union Station.

Kansas City Union Station

Sherri was so excited to see this old train station that she had not seen since she was a child, It has been remodeled into a really awesome community space. Again, a day to remember, especially because I wasn’t feeling too well for a few hours there. We ate at one of Ben and Monica’s favorite sandwich shops near her home. Afterwards I started feeling a whole lot better…Yeah! Onward we went back to Arkansas. Along the way, Ben and I played “Cows and Cemeteries” (a game where the driver and passenger count the cows on their side of the vehicle. If a cemetary is seen on your side your cows die and you have to start all over). I declared myself the winner but Ben would say …”Not”!  Another bit of “life stuff”. Somehow the keys to the trailer got locked inside the trailer. Not a big deal since our next stop was home.

An absolutely exhausting and exciting three day adventure of triking and travel.  We highly reccommend this often as you can because Cindy is convinced this will keep us all younger longer. 🙂  Ben and Dogwood Junction is planning several more.  Check it out at  Hope you enjoyed this rendition of a whirlwind adventure.


This jet skier with his child kind of cut in front of a boat (rule is one at a time goes through) and a few seconds later he had a surprise

Boat Patrol on their way towards the jet skier…oh my!

The lighthouse sits at the West End of the South Pier at the Mouth of the Black River in South Haven, Michigan.

Our fearless leader Ben Jones

The boys looking out towards Kansas City landscape


Sherri and Matt checking out some of her awesome photos

Louis by some of the outside photos of the Memorial


Ben let someone ride his trike that wondered what it was like. She loved it.


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