Martini Style with Cindy Triking on the Razorback Trails

2018 LaidBackTrikers Update

Summer is upon us and I confess I haven’t even thought about blogging about triking our story on this website.  Sad to say, I am not much of a blogger but I do love sharing what triking means to me and Louis. We are hoping we will do better this year but no promises … lol  All I can say is I love riding with Penny the doxie, Louis, our friends, being outdoors and that’s our first priority.  Blogging about it is another story in itself … it is a discipline and if I felt that more of you were reading it or if it helped you get outdoors and ride your trike or bike then maybe I would do better. That being said, comment, send us an email or comment in Laidbacktrikers on FaceBook. Louis and I would love to hear from you.

Louis and I have had some awesome Laidbacktriker Rides last year with local people around NW Arkansas. Between Ben’s Tours for Dogwood Junction and other rallies in our neighborhood states there is no better time than now to get excited riding recumbent trikes on these awesome trails. We are very blessed. Louis and I moved 3.5 years ago from SC to Arkansas,and didn’t know a person and now we have made some really great friends through triking. That being said again … YOU CAN TOO! Join us on our FaceBook Laidbacktrikers Fan Page: and you will see some of our rides in videos or images. If you want to ride with us best way is to send us your email at where we will keep you informed of updated rides in our area or Rallies in the area around us. We also have connections with Oklahoma and Texas groups that do serious trail riding all over this nation that we can hook you up with if you are interested. If you have any comments, questions please feel free to let us know here or on FaceBook. Cindy is the Social Media Nut so you can find her and Laidbacktrikers on Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat.

Mount Kessler, Fayetteville, AR

There is at least 100 miles of trails, off shoots of the Razorback Trail all over NW Arkansas. Some of our favorite places to ride is the Razorback Trail of course which is around 38 miles from Fayetteville to Bella Vista. For shorter rides we catch the trail heads and ride to many lakes, parks, or towns. The one we ride the most is the South Loop to Mount Kessler and back and that is around 14 miles. From our Duplex we get on the trail around the corner and ride North to Lake Fayetteville and around and back home… thats around 16 miles. Another favorite is riding to Ag Park, then to Mount Comfort road and around severl sub divisions there with trails and that could be around 14-20 miles. There is never a boring trail and it is an awesome distraction to the word exercise as we tour around on our trikes. If Louis would have his way we would ride everyday but the usual amount a week we will ride 3-4 times a week ranging 10 miles to 20 miles. When I first started a mile was all I can do and it was hard believe me… over 3 years later … This Saturday, 5-12-18  we will be riding around 30 miles.  Since our trikes are wider than cycles we decided to ride after most od the cyclist get started on the trail. We are going from Walker Park to Bentonville square after over 2,000 cyclist hit the trail early morning doing the Square to Square Event that is twice a year.   This will take up to 6 hours for us to complete because we enjoy the sceneries, stop for water and snack breaks, and simply have great conversations and fun! Sometimes some of our group like to go fast on the trails and the others go at a moderate speed. The whole idea of riding is that you enjoy it and also get a healthy benefit out of it.

Some of the usual Laidbacktrikers group that we ride with Rogers, AR on the Razorback Trail

We hope you will enjoy some of our photos below of some of the awesome places we go to ride our recumbent trikes as the Laidbacktrikers.

Stay tuned to Laidbacktrikers and KEEP ON TRIKING!


Lake Atalanta area, Rogers, AR

Louis and Penny at the Ag Park off of Garland St., Fayetteville, AR

Lake Atalanta, Rogers, AR

The South Loop off of the Razorback Trail, Fayetteville, AR

Bentonville, AR

The South Loop off of the Razorback Trail, Fayetteville, AR

Bentonville, AR off of J street and the Razorback Trail is behind the Parking Lot

There are trails everywhere but this one is in a little park area near the Walton’s Art Center off of Dickson Street, Fayetteville, AR





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