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Martini Style with Cindy Triking on the Razorback Trails

2018 LaidBackTrikers Update

Summer is upon us and I confess I haven’t even thought about blogging about triking our story on this website.  Sad to say, I am not much of a blogger but I do love sharing what triking means to me and Louis. We are hoping we will do better this year but no promises … lol  All I can say is I love riding with Penny the doxie, Louis, our friends, being outdoors and that’s our first priority.  Blogging about…

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Recumbent Trikes Rally and Rodeo

Just Around the Bend with Ben Jones

This blog is way overdue and I am so sorry for not documenting like I thought we would. We have been riding often with lots of our triking friends. I think we might better serve everyone if we just include a video on each blog. (I have great intentions) Today, I think I will add unedited video of our recent trip to TerraTrike RiderFest with Ben Jones, owner of Dogwood Junction Bikes and Trikes. There will be a few more…

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Guest Blogger - Stories

First Guest Blogger for Laidback Trikers

Hello Everyone, Hey Recumbent Trikers. We would love to hear from you! Louis and I are not retired yet and time allotted to writing blogs are not coming often enough.  We would love for anyone who has been riding recumbent trikes to share their story. Tell us about your trips, the funny things you might have seen, your journey to better health through triking, technical things you learned about your trike, or anything you think people would be interested in reading about. We want more…

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BLOG Recumbent Trikes Rally and Rodeo

LaidBack Trikers and Dogwood Junction FALL RIDE

Hello Fellow Trikers! We have been busy but haven’t forgotten our faithful readers. We are hoping you are riding your hearts out! The heat can be tough and sad to say I don’t ride when it is hot. Ask Louis and he will tell you Cindy and Penny, “Don’t do the heat”. We are so excited that Fall is in the air and in October we are hosting a Fall Ride on the NW Arkansas Razorback Trail  from Fayetteville to…

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Triking on the Razorback Trails

This is How We Roll @

“This is how we roll” has been true for almost a year and half.  A lot has happened during this time related to triking and I have not written enough about what we have done. I have upgraded my trike with the Bionx electric assist.  This has made a 25 mile ride through the hilly countryside of Northwest Arkansas a piece of cake -for me. Louis gets a great work out and he doesn’t have to wait around anymore for me…

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BLOG Martini Style with Cindy

Dogwood Junction Bike and Trikes 5th Annual Trike Festival

Hi Laidbacktrikers fans, Louis and I are helping Ben out with his 5th Annual Trike Festival coming up this April 23rd & 24th. We are so excited about this and hope that you will be in the area to check it out and also introduce yourselves to us! We are so excited about our new T-shirt and Hoodies line for Laidbackrikers. We will be bringing some examples to the Festival for everyone to see. However,  if you want to wear them…

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Recumbent Trikes Rally and Rodeo

Heart Of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo

Have you ever heard of a rodeo where there are no critters? Cindy, Ben Jones (the proprietor of Dogwood Junction Bike and Trike Shop), and Louis spent the weekend of February 26th, 27th, and 28th down in Austin Texas. (Unfortunately Penny the doxie was not able to attend.) It was the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally and Rodeo. The only competitors were PEOPLE with their trusty steads – their RECUMBENTS. In fact there were around 75 ‘bent riders from all…

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Triking Tidbits from Louis

Seven Tips to stay comfortable while triking during the fall and early winter

Tidbits from Louis for Trikers   Fall and early winter is an absolute wonderful time of the year to go triking. The temperature is cool. The skies are brilliantly clear. And, the colors are astounding. Everyone should get out experience God’s wonderful creation as much as possible! It is absolutely rapturous.   How do you do this while staying comfortable and most importantly preventing sickness? Some of these fall days and especially those early winter days can get a bit…

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Martini Style with Cindy

75 Minutes BIONX Woman … A Powerful Triking Experience

Have you ever made plans for a great afternoon with friends and been surprised by something that made it the best it could possibly be. Maybe a good friend dropped in that you haven’t seen in a long time or maybe the weather was forecast to be bad but it turned out to be absolutely perfect. On Sunday Oct 18, 2015, I got to experience one of those absolutely pleasant surprises. I had made arrangements for a Sunday afternoon ride…

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A Penny Thought

“Diva Doxie” Penny … Goes Triking on Her Terms

Penny is one confused “Doxie”!  Do I Like Triking or Not? Woof … Most days morning or evening, Mom and Dad get ready to go on those 3 wheel things, I think they call it recumbent trikes. Every time I hear the door open to the garage, I quickly crawl out from under my blanket and out of my cozy and warm bed rushing to the door. I sniff my way to those funny looking trikes and sniff all the way to…

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