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2018 Photos

Louis at the parade.

we had a blast at the 2019 Siloam Christmas Parade.

Cindy at the 2019 Siloam Christmas Parade

DJ of Dogwood Junction float for the 2019 Christmas parade.


Beautiful Fall day at Pea Ridge National Military Park (U.S. National Park Service) This is only a 6 mile ride but gorgeous and full of history.

Carol is one strong and healthy woman as she is lifting a smaller Catrike Pocket Recumbent Trike.

Walker Park, Spring Rally 2017 riding the Razorback Trail

Some of the usual Laidbacktrikers group that we ride with Rogers, AR on the Razorback Trail

 NY 5 Boro Bike Tour – May 5, 2019

Once in a while Louis and I find a neat, unusual, fun or exciting trail we want to ride and we just go. We have a mailing list over 50 people we shout out to when we ride somewhere locally during the week or weekend.  Soooo… If you live in the NW Arkansas area heads up … Sometimes Ben recruits us to get a group together and go to new places. Ben wants to go to New York so he has planned a trip… and the details are below. If you want the updates… go to Dogwood Junction Business Page here: Junction

Exciting News… IF YOU *** MOVE FAST! ***  Ben wants to take 10 people to NYC in May and ride the Five Boro Bike Tour. It is 40 miles seeing safely awesome views of NY. To add to this awesome trip 4 hours touring Washington DC on a trike. Look at the Flyer and call Ben ASAP … all registrations have to be in by Jan. 31st and ONLY 10 Registrations can go on this trip. Please let Ben know that we sent you from our website and we will be so grateful because we can’t wait to meet you. For more details from BIKE.NYC click on this link:

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Contact details:
Bike New York, 891 Amsterdam Avenue,
New York, NY 10025
Phone: +1 212 932 BIKE
Contact Email:

LaidBack Trikers and Dogwood Junction Rides

Best way to keep up with us is through our FaceBook, Ben’s FaceBook or get on our local mailing list. The Newsletter goes out maybe one to two times a year if you sign up there. If you email us your email address and phone number… it is probably the best way to know when we ride in Arkansas. Email us at:

Contact Information:

Cindy and Louis Martini, Laid Back Trikers Community: or


Our dear friend and owner of Dogwood Junction Bike and Trike Shop

Dogwood Junction: Ben Jones, email: twitter: @DogwoodJunction 


The second location of Dogwood Junction Trike Shop in Bentonville, AR Check out all those cool trikes!


Dogwood Junction Trike Shop in BENTONVILLE

OPEN 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday- Saturday

                                            Siloam Springs Location:

200 Progress Ave.
Siloam Springs, AR 72761


Inside the Siloam Spring Bike and Trike Shop.


National Events, Rallies and Travels

Needs Updating … hopefully soon.


Additional Resources

Sylvia-Halpern-with-Moto-Myrtle-2012-smallI am listing links worthy for awesome information by the seasoned recumbent triking traveler.  We have had the honor and privilege to talk via cell with Sylvia Halpern who tells her stories through blogs, social media and YouTube videos. She also has given me permission to use some of her photos. This is someone we would love to meet in person and go on one of her trips…amazing woman:     Sylvia Halpern Continuing Blog Travels   Awesome resources she has collected    Beautiful Photographic Stories