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Martini Style with Cindy

75 Minutes BIONX Woman … A Powerful Triking Experience

Have you ever made plans for a great afternoon with friends and been surprised by something that made it the best it could possibly be. Maybe a good friend dropped in that you haven’t seen in a long time or maybe the weather was forecast to be bad but it turned out to be absolutely perfect. On Sunday Oct 18, 2015, I got to experience one of those absolutely pleasant surprises. I had made arrangements for a Sunday afternoon ride…

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Triking Tidbits from Louis

A Good Day

What’s a “good” day for you? Is it working hard and accomplishing goals? Is it trying to get a little white ball in a hole in the ground in the least amount of strokes? Is it physically striving hard to reach some goal like the top of a bare rock face or a campsite really far in the wilderness? Is it hanging out with some really interesting people outside? On Saturday August 29, 2015, a good day for us was…

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